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Economic Justice for All Residents and Families

Our city needs to prioritize policies that uplift working class residents. I will fight for jobs creation, protecting small businesses, worker’s rights and local hiring policies to create career pathways for our students and residents. We need a local economy that works for all of us.

A More Transparent and Accessible City Government

I want to make sure that the residents of Ward 2 fully understand and have a direct say in shaping the decisions in our city. I will fight for a participatory budgeting process that makes sure residents can have a direct say in what happens with our budget.

Invest In Youth Opportunities and Quality Education

As a teacher, I know first hand the importance of investing and supporting our youth. I want to expand after school opportunities and increase connections between our city government and the city’s school district and work together to ensure our young people are successful. Let’s bring back the spirit of our old city motto, “Education First!”

Making Santa Ana a Safe and Vibrant City

Our residents deserve to feel safe in our city. I’ll fight to make sure we have comprehensive public safety services, including social and crisis response workers that residents can trust to quickly respond to non-violent incidents. I will work with city staff to ensure our city resources are used to improve city services and quality of life of our residents.

Providing Solutions for the Housing & Houseless Crisis

I will fight to make sure Santa Ana’s residents and families can live in and afford their homes so they can remain and thrive in the city. I will protect rent control and expand opportunities to build affordable housing in our city. As a council member, I will be a strong advocate to address the houseless crisis that our city is facing, and work with colleagues on the council to ensure we get our county government to finally take responsibility in addressing this issue and be a partner in finding comprehensive solutions.

Protecting the Rights of Immigrants & Refugees

Our city only grows and is strengthened when we protect our immigrant and refugee communities, who make up 45% of our city residents. I will advocate to continue the immigrant defense fund and ensure all resident voices regardless of immigration status are heard and taken into account.

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